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Here at Halal & Tayyab we've made it our mission to assist you in making great choices when it comes to your shopping…we source products sourced from all over the world and that hold the ethical credentials we know are important to you, our cherished customer. Whether you're new to the idea of healthy, ethically-conscious buying or you're very passionate about a whole range of ethical issues that affect what you buy, we are here to make it easier for you to live by those ideals.

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At Halal and Tayyab we're passionate about sourcing and serving the best food products possible - from your every-day staple foods to speciality - those you'd be hard pressed to find in your average high street (County even).

We strive, in our little way to protect our planet, and make efforts to find eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items such as food, cosmetics and cleaners that do as little harm to the environment as possible -we want to give you the choice to use environmentally friendly products that suit your lifestyle.

And, most importantly we do what we do to inspire you to live life to the full, promoting a healthy lifestyle, encouraging you to enjoy the beautiful world around us and letting you rest easy knowing you’ve made the ethically sound choices for the people and the planet.
We see to give UK based brands a platform to sell products that have been made right here in Britain thereby utilising local resources and cutting carbon emissions through import. Where this is not possible however, we scour globe far and wide to find products that we can in turn offer as a combination of everyday necessities, pantry supplies and specialty foods.

We seek (to make available) both new and much loved Halal and Tayyab brands..organic, natural, healthy, free-from and fairtrade / ethically traded products that seek to help farmers and small businesses primarily in developing countries.

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Honest, authentic, ready to eat halal and Tayyab foods and snacks aimed at aspiring healthy choice seekers and foodies who won’t compromise on taste
The cleanest, most sustainable source of premium products that are deliciously nutritious everyday eats and treats.

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  • products that taste yummy good, yet are naturally healthy
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  • products that are familiar and flavorsome but not too delicate or strong